Recruitment Open

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Recruitment Open

Postby Kitpo » Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:02 am

Now that we have more than a few levels 50's we will be opening the door for more recruitment and interviews. The next week we will be focusing on Veteran Adventures\Dungeons and getting Attuned to the first Raid Genetic Archives. So APPLY TODAY and don't lose out on the great fun Censure is having in Wildstar.

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Re: Recruitment Open

Postby Cdawg » Tue Jun 24, 2014 9:03 am

Greetings Censure!

My name is Andrew also known as Krankey in game.

I sent a quick apply this morning in hopes that you might be interested in having me join your wildstar crew. I have great experience with multiple MMO's especially 10 years plus with World of Warcraft. I specialize in dps and especially Rogue classes but am always willing to learn new classes to help assist the guild in ways that are needed. I beta'd with and esper which i was very pleased with and may begin leveling an alt soon. Right now i am a 50 DPS Stalker and am running up to date skills and amps. Working on attunement right now and hoping to try and grind it out this week. I am especially interested in Censure because from what i am seeing with website layout, posts, and players running around in game is that it seems like a chill laid back environment with eyes set on killing shit in raids. Hey, sounds good by me. Also the 6pm PST (9 pm EST for me) is what i am actually needing to look for. I currently work at the hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, from 1230-9. I get home every night about 10 after but could also try and get out 10 mins early to be on right at 9 some nights. I am very interested in raiding and can be very reliable and make all raid times, the thing is that little extra cushion of 10 minutes of time may be needed at times. Alas i really see great interest with you guys and hope to kick ass possibly very soon! Please let me know as in game I am Krankey and you can also email me at

Please let me know and have a good one!

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